Warranty and Return Policy

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Buy-Sell Electronics

Warranty/Return inquiry:
Call: 972-680-3999 or Email: admin@buy-sellelectronics.com

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Warranty and Return Policy

This is a shortened version of the after-sale warranty/Return/Refund policy of BJ Computers, Inc., dba Buy-Sell Electronics and may be considered in conjunction with the standard Terms of Use and Sale document if and when it considers applicable. BUY-SELL Electronics may be referred to as “BSE,” “us” or “we” in this agreement. Any person or entity to which BSE may provide or may intend to provide any products or services is referred to as “customer” or “you”. A customer must agree to all the relevant terms and conditions written on this page prior to receive or solicit any product or service from BSE. The following terms and conditions will affect all transactions between BSE and customer unless otherwise written and agreed by an agreement that is specific to any product, service or transaction.


For Products Sold By BSE:

  1. 7-Day Default Warranty: Any product sold by BSE may be exchanged or returned for a full credit within 7 (seven) calendar days of original purchase only if all other warranty-affecting term(s) and conditions are met which are written below. (Other terms are found in our standard Sales and Use Terms documentation, which may apply when not specified where). In the cases when warranty/return terms are specified on the description of the item(s), receipt of the transaction or in any form of agreement, then those terms will take precedence for the relevant item(s) or transactions.
  2. 1st day for the warranty period is counted as the day customer picks up the item(s) from BSE or BSE delivers them to customer’s address.
  3. Return Procedure:
    1. Picked up items: If the item(s) was picked up from BSE location: Customer must physically bring the item(s) back to the BSE location within the 7-day period. If BSE is closed on the 7th day, the warranty is extended to the very next calendar day on which BSE is open for business. BSE will not provide any credit for any products sold after 7-day period is over.
    2. Shipped items: If the item was shipped to the customer: Customer must notify BSE via email of any issues with the item(s) within 7 days from the day it was delivered to customer’s address. If a return privilege is granted, BSE will provide an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and return instructions as necessary to the customer. After receiving the RMA number, the customer will have 5 (five) calendar days to ship the item via a shipping service that may be tracked.
  4. After receiving the item from the customer, BSE service department will examine the item. If BSE finds the item “as described” in the original listing, it will sent the same item back to the customer. If we find that the item was delivered to you “not as described”, we will offer you a replacement or refund.
  5. You pay for return shipment: Let it be very clear that you will bear the cost of the return shipment (back to us) in all situations.
  6. Restocking fee: We charge a restocking fee if you send an item back to us damaged or incomplete, or you want a refund for “accidentally buying the wrong item”
  7. Any abuse, wrong use, damage by electricity, water or burning, or physical breakage of any part of the merchandise will void the warranty offered by BSE.
  8. Customer must return all the packaging and all the pieces given with the item undamaged when returning a product. Customer will have to pay for any missing or damaged piece(s) in the form of a ‘Re-stocking Fee’. BSE will determine the amount of restocking fee, which will be at least 20% of what the item was sold for, based on the extent of the damage inflicted to the item(s).
  9. BSE is not responsible for certain items not having in stock or not being able to supply to the customer. In those cases, customer will have to accept an alternative item chosen by BSE or a store credit or money back as decided by BSE.
  10. Any transaction(s), which involve both parts and labor, or just service, if cancelled or reversed, customer may get an appropriate refund for parts only. BSE will not provide any refund or credit for service/labor to the customer.
  11. Method of refund: Customer will need to bring the debit/credit card, which customer originally used to make payment to BSE store in order to receive the refund credit on the card. If customer’s original payment method was cash or check and the refund amount is over $100, then BSE will issue the refund in the form of a store credit or by a check, which will be made and may be mailed to customer’s address within two weeks from the approval of refund.
  12. BSE is not responsible to, and will not provide any technical help in-house, on-site or by phone to the customer to install, use, repair or maintain any item sold, unless BSE agrees to and/or customer pays for such a service by a separate agreement.


For Labor/Services Provided by BSE:

  1. BSE guarantees that it will provide service work professionally, in good faith, and by qualified technicians. Customer must accept any unforeseen change on the equipment physically and/or operationally resulting from any such service work. BSE will not be responsible for any such change/damage resulting from normal course of service work.
  2. Customer accepts that BSE will provide diagnostics to the best of its ability, and availability of means, and that Diagnostics or minimum service fee is non-refundable in all situations.
  3. Customer accepts that BSE may provide estimates and updates verbally and/or by phone, and that customer will fully honor all his/her verbal suggestions and consents given to BSE associate(s).
  4. All service work provided under warranty will require at least 4 business days, If more time is needed for any reason, BSE will notify the customer.
  5. BSE offers a 7-day money-back warranty for products only, service labor is non-refundable in all situations. BSE will not provide a full or partial refund for service work or labor when reversing or canceling a transaction.
  6. BSE does not guarantee any kind of data protection when servicing/repairing customer’s equipment. In the process of servicing any equipment, partial or complete data loss may occur. Customer is responsible for backing up all data prior to bringing any equipment for service at BSE.
  7. BSE offers a 10-day parts and labor warranty for all service work. Warranty applies only to the same problem and on the same piece of equipment that BSE worked on. If any problem appears other than what BSE worked on, the customer must pay for any work done for those problems.
  8. Customer must pickup equipment at his/her own accord within 60 days from the day he/she brought the equipment to BSE for service or any other reason, regardless of the status of that equipment. After the 60-day BSE will consider such equipment as abandoned and will not carry any responsibility to keep or return the equipment to the customer.


For Computer Systems sold by BSE:

  1. BSE offers a 30-day in-house parts and labor support-warranty (Not return or exchange privilege, which is available for 7 days only if and when applicable) for any computer system sold, which means BSE will replace or re-install any hardware or software which was pre-installed by BSE at the time of selling the system to the customer for 30 days from the date of original sale.
  2. Any new piece of hardware or software added to the computer, by the customer and any issues caused by that hardware or software will not be covered by the above warranty.
  3. Any virus/spy ware/ad ware/software corruptions are excluded from the warranty. Software and hardware conflict fixing will not be covered by warranty if there is any new piece of hardware or software is installed.
  4. Customer must bring equipment at a BSE store to obtain any service under warranty. On-site or on by-phone support is sold by BSE as a separate item(s). Customer must pay for any help provided by BSE either by phone or on customer’s site regardless of the equipment’s being under warranty or not.