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Having Problems with your TV? Relax: We Fix Them.
Any Brand, Any Problem, Anytime.
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Best Value in Repair,


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Friendly Technicians + Affordable Price + Highest Quality


What kind of TV do you Have? 


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  • Flat TVs only: LCD, Plasma, LED, Smart TVs…up to 52″
  • Any problem other than screen physically cracked
  • CRT, DLP, Rear Projection…(Having a curved out back)
  • Screen having internal or external crack.


Incredible Specials:

Diagnosis and  Estimate: Only $40 (Regular $100)
Diagnosis $40 is then applied toward repair after you approve the estimate.

 😎 Hurry and Get yours Fixed before the Special is Over.


What to do with Cracked Screen TVs?

Since replacement screens are either unavailable or too expensive, we typically do not fix TVs when screen is physically damaged. However, we could probably Buy your cracked screen TV and use its parts for the repair of other TVs.


Ready to get yours Fixed?

Just Bring them in to our shop. (If we can’t Fix, we may offer to buy them for parts)


Frequently Asked Questions

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 -What is the simplest way to get my TV repaired?
Just bring them in to our repair shop; and our friendly technicians will assist you. For our location and business hours, please visit the Contact Us page.

-How much does it cost to repair my TV?
We perform diagnosis and provide you an estimate before doing the actual repair. You just pay the diagnosis fee during check-in.

-Why do I pay partly before the repair is completed?
You pay either a “Minimum Labor Charge” or a “Diagnosis and Estimate Charge” whichever may be applicable, upfront. Either of these two charges is credited towards the repair cost.

-What is the warranty offered on the repair?
All our service works carry relevant warranty, which varies depending on the equipment and the type of repair performed.