Cash-In Business Electronics

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Having Excess Electronics at your Business? Turn them into CASH.
Computers, Tablets, PBX Systems, Peripherals, Accessories,
Internet Equipment and many more…It’s Quick ‘n Easy.


Bring Them All:



Cool  Ready to sell yours? Choose One of the two easy Options:

Option ONE (Best for a few boxes full):  Just bring them in to our location. We appraise them and offer you a price on the spot. Sell to us if you like our offer. If we find your items not profitable for us and hence could not offer you a price, you could choose to take them back or leave them with us for recycling (some restrictions apply).

Option TWO (Best for bigger quantity): Fill out the online appraisal form first. If you like to get an estimate for your equipment before you bring them in, use our online Equipment Pre-Appraisal Request below and tell us what you have. We will let you know what kind of ballpark value they might carry for us.


Equipment Appraisal Request

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 2mb.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of electronics do you buy?
    -We may buy any types of electronics devices or equipment, and in any condition as long as we consider them worthy of reselling or using for parts. We are not limited to certain types of equipment. We discriminate by their potential business-value for us in their present condition.
  2. How much do you pay?
    -We appraise your equipment using our standard and determine their potential value for us. If we consider them worthy of our business, we offer you the best price we can. You may choose to accept or reject the offer at your discretion.
  3. What if I take my equipment to you and you don’t want to buy them?
    -In the case that you bring your items to us and we find them not worthy of our purchase, you may take them back with you or leave them with us for part-out/recycle at your discretion (limitations may apply).
  4. Can you appraise my items before I take them to you?
    -You may fill out the equipment Pre-Evaluation Request found above in detail, and we will let you know via email what kind of value we typically set on them. We cannot however quote a specific price for any items before we physically inspect them and/or test them.